“If it moves, we can improve it.”

-David Dilworth, 1990

Welcome to Dilworth’s World Class, Award Winning Design and Engineering.

Dilworth Design has been making things work dramatically better for more than a quarter of a Century.

We can solve your Design problem.

We design and implement real improvements to existing products using ideas, mechanical technology, electronics, software and system processes from a wide array of disciplines including space-flight, aircraft, automotive and boat racing, and military and industrial equipment.

Our satisfied clients include Eldon Racing, Stanford University, Hiway Hang Gliders, and Bill Bennett’s Delta Wing Gliders and Kites.


We provide solid solutions improving performance of computers, aircraft, racing cars, watercraft, wind generators, sports equipment, and tools since the 1970s.

We can solve your “Impossible” design and engineering problems. We help you decide what your goals are so you can make your product faster, more effective, more efficient, easier to use, more reliable, easier to maintain, easier to manufacture and cost less.

Mechanical Design

We have been providing systems design and engineering improvements for large and small businesses. From wind generators, to racing cars to operating systems.

Design Management Leadership

Design Management Leadership is a skill that almost anyone can learn. We provide leadership training that includes recognizing the difference between problem solving and mere symptom alleviation, and interactive management.

You can have your dreams.

We can provide you with the competence and creativity to get you there –

You can call us right now at 831-624-6500.


As a youth I was inspired by many designers starting with Jim Hall (for his thoughtful work to make racing car aerodynamics work powerfully), Bruce McLaren (for his ability to make a fast, reliable race car), and Hal Williams.

Later I had the great fortune to work with Paul MacCready (Aerovironment), Steve Hunt (aeronautical engineer, Hiway Hang Gliders) and meet the incredible Designer Gordon Glegg and even get a recommendation from Frank Costin to work with Graham Hill.

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