Replace Car Batteries Instantly – No Charge

Electric Racing Bike

Very Quick Electric Racing Bike

A couple of weeks ago I saw electric racing motorcycles at Laguna Seca. I was shocked (sorry) at how quick they were. In the medium speed section of the course, a few bikes were approaching the speed of the fastest MotoGP bikes. Based on my experience with electric racing vehicles, I predict they will very soon be the quickest bikes on the track, especially if they adopt longer wheelbases first.

However, at last year’s Laguna Seca electric bike race, just like in auto racing when you run out of gas, the leading bike ran out of electric “juice” on the last lap – losing out on victory.

So far most engineers and the press believe electric cars are stuck with long recharging time for batteries.

That’s a colossal failure of imagination.

What do we do when digital camera batteries fail – do we wait for it to recharge?

Car Battery Swap Station

Car Battery Swap Station

No. More often we replace the spent batteries with fully charged ones – and it only takes seconds. We can do exactly the same thing with car or motorcycle batteries, taking no longer than filling up at a gas station.

And when we are not pressed for time – we can recharge the battery at home or the office.

Charge it

Charge it

I’m not the only one to think of this. Renault has already built cars and battery changing stations in Denmark – and they are working. They sell the cars without batteries and sell access (sort of a lease) to the batteries and changing (not charging) stations at about $350 per month.

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