Fukoshima Blue Flashes and Neutron Beams = Criticality Accident (Fission)

There are three alarming things observed at Fukoshima, that aren’t getting much US media attention: Blue Flashes, 13 separate Neutron emission detections and radioactive Chlorine.

Radioactive Warning

Radioactive Warning

I cannot find anyone who can describe how any of these phenomena can occur in a nuclear power plant unless nuclear fission occurs.

On the other hand two of these phenomena can easily occur during nuclear fission. Blue flashes, which are probably Cherenkov Radiation, occur during “criticality accidents.”

Radioactive Chlorine was detected on March 25th. Since it has a half-life of only 37 minutes it has clearly been created in the 2 weeks since the plant was disabled.

Together they indicate some kind of out-of-control nuclear fission reactions, at the very least it is clear that fission chain reactions are continuing.

Yet, no major US media have yet reported any of these.

What is going on?

Is this just incompetent news media, Junk Food News or political censorship ?

General Electric who designed three of the Fukoshima nuclear plants also owns 49% of NBC news, but that doesn’t seem even close to adequate to stop all the major US media.

Maybe all the media owners support more US nuclear energy and don’t want the public reminded of how dangerous nuclear accidents are . . . ?

On the other hand radioactive power plants are an “Awfully dangerous way to just boil water.”

Update: It was not until almost exactly month after this article was written (May 12) that TEPCO admitted there was a meltdown at the plant.

It took yet another month (June) before the Japanese government admitted that the reactor vessel containment was breached – and leaking to the outside in large part by the sea water pumped for cooling.

Were they hiding the Meltdown so that the media coverage would die down? Because that is exactly what happened. There was virtually zero media coverage of the meltdown when it was finally admitted.

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